Sequenza Series

From the Creator of the Prime House series comes the innovative Sequenza series, highlighting Max’s influence in the House Music genre. Innovative mixes of old, new and with authentic flavour of the world that surrounds us. Dive in and get a taste of each track by clicking on the clouds below. For more of Max’s style, look up the other tracks and download the MadDoctor Radio App on Playstore, where you can listen to Max’s mixes and music 24/7. No ads will interrupt your journey through Max’s House Music History. Enjoy!!

Sequenza 1-4


Absolute turning point for the music performed by MaxDoctor so far.

A mix of deep and House music.

Dream and imagine being immersed in a dark place and freeing yourself the mind from any fear.


The scenery: The Mediterranean.

You can hear the sea in places, made to revive your inner cravings to listen to the waves.


The stage set by Sequenza 3 is more disco, with a relatively normal audience.

With this track I want to make entire generations dream.

A melodical House style created by a DJ who lived the 90s buried in vinyl.


Without a shadow of a doubt one of the tracks that flirts with a dash of Rock music, yet a strict House key is rigorously followed.

The tribal element is always present in the notes of this track, as are recurring themes and sounds of the 90s.

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