PrimeHouse by MaxDoctor is an alternative to the classic and modern House Music of today. Max has been keen to promote high quality mixing techniques while using both modern and classic tools, to generate the best sound experiences for you.

“Today’s market is saturated with all kinds of music styles. With quantity rising on the web, quality unfortunately, has taken a backseat and is hard to find”, says Max. In this spirit, Max Doctor has combined his 30 plus years’ experience as an International DJ with his large collection of vinyl and digital recordings, to produce some of his most progressive work to date.

With his Prime House Series, Max Doctor aims to combine the essence of classic House Music, (piano, jazzy notes etc) with carefully selected early electro sounds. This combination of modern flavours and his personal Tribal House touch, is aiming to achieve a very sophisticated musical experience for the listener. The ultimate goal; to achieve high quality House Music. Prime House Music.

Most elements are deeply rooted in Max Doctor’s past. For inspiration, Max Doctor looks frequently into current affairs, which he musically translates. He then adds personally researched tribal sounds from the Amazonian jungle and sometimes ads some African vibes too.

Read below, the individual stories connected to the Prime House Series.  Currently, there are four available; Prime1, Prime2, Prime4 and Prime5. You can listen into every Prime House track by clicking on the links provided.

In addition, download the MaxDoctorRadio app. You can have your favourite music wherever you go. Sit back, relax, listen and travel with Max.

Let us know what you think. You, the audience, are what Max works for.

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Prime Series

The first in the Prime House Series, Prime1 is a natural exchange between Deep House and classic House music.

The atmosphere created, resembles an imaginary NYC sidewalk, where everyone walking on it is immersed in its musicality. Sometimes melodious, sometimes hard, but always in line with MaxDoctor’s style. The tribal nuances are replicating the refined notes of the past.

In addition, paying particular attention to the Garage music of the 90s, and midway in, we are reminded of the sounds by African tribes. Prime1 aims to celebrate the origins of human kind; from tribal beginnings to the city landscapes of many a metropolis today.

The musical ‘Spiel’ continues with repeated beats of Deep music, reminiscing the 70s and 80s thereby rounding up the immense musical landscape Max tried to combine in this particular track.

An evolution from prime1.

With prime2 one begins to notice a difference compared to prime1.

It is a track where the primary characteristics are its sound effects. Those sound effects start to pursue a certain melody, tirelessly interlacing with tunes moulded by noticeable craftsmanship.

The effect is a totally new musical landscape.

Autumn is the imagined setting. With its cold and humid air soaked by the first strong rains. The stillness and tranquillity will soon be spent by a moot spirit.

This track highlights more than ever the sounds that are intricately laced and pass from a jazzy note to tribal and lastly funk.

The setting: a frenetic daily life is offset against the Mediterranean beaches, where everything seems closer to the African continent.

The old tribal voices almost audible from afar. The red line of the track begins and ends with the search of these illusive sounds.

Half an hour in, one enters a harder atmosphere where not all is foregone. The supporting pillar is the tribal aspect with an explosion of sounds that are never mundane nor trivial.

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