Prime House by MaxDoctor is an alternative to the classic and modern House of today. MaxDoctor is keen to promote high quality mixing techniques using both, modern with classic tools to generate the best sound experience.
“Today’s market is saturated by all kinds of music; with quantity rising on the web, quality unfortunately has taken a hit and is hard to find”, says Max. In this spirit, MaxDoctor has combined his experience of plus years as an International DJ and his large collection of vinyl and digital recordings to produce some of his most progressive work.

With his Prime House series MaxDoctor aims to combine the essence of classic House Music, (piano, jazzy notes etc) with carefully selected early electro sounds. He mixes this with modern flavours and adds his personal Tribal House style to achieve the highest quality House Music, Prime House.
Most elements are deeply rooted in MaxDoctor’s past. For inspiration MaxDoctor looks at current affairs as much as tribal sounds from the Amazonian Jungle to the Australian Outback.
Check out the schedule on to catch MaxDoctor’s Prime House series. Currently there are four available. Prime1, Prime2, Prime4 and Prime5. Look out for our Prime Day on Sunday where all tacks will be available back to back.
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