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Resident DJ MaxDoctor

Max, originally from Sicily, Italy began before the tender age of 10 to show interest in alternative music. Far removed from the commercial music that was surrounding him in conservative Sicily, he started to favour a completely different musical direction. Electronic Music.

Prodigies like The Rockets, the German group Kraftwerk and the French musician Jean Michel Jarre had a profound impact on Max. At the age of 14 he got himself a job in a local radio station where he used his chance to trawl through the archives in search of something that caught is interest. While he acquired this extensive knowledge of various music styles, he thought himself the art of mixing. He followed the progressive rise of Funk in the early 80’s and developed an passion for House Music soon after.

Since the early 90’s, Max has been actively influencing his surroundings with unconventional sounds. He was one of the very first DJs in Sicily, if not Italy, to introduce Tribal House to his appreciative audience. Under the name of MaxDoctor, Max started to branch out and enjoyed many successes appearing in clubs all over Italy, Malta and the UK to name a few.

Tirelessly on the hunt for new sounds, Max travelled the world and enhanced his already vast collection and knowledge of music by adding original tribal recordings from the Amazonian Jungle to the Australian Outback and everything in-between.

Max has recently launched MaxDoctorRadio to share his vast collection of mixes. His new series PrimeHouse combines all that MaxDoctor stands for. A modern mix of classic and tribal house music using digital and Vinyl recordings. Max gets his inspirations very often from current affairs and his day to day encounter with other people, artists and musicians.

Look out for the Prime House series on MaxDoctorRadio. Prime1, Prime2, Prime4 and Prime5 are out there for you to enjoy.

Max hopes, the connoisseurs of House music will indulge in high quality mixes and enjoy reminiscing in memories of old and lose themselves in this new exciting sound experience.

The prodigy of Italian Tribal House is back!

Check in every now and then to find out the stories behind MaxDoctor’s tracks. Coming soon on

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