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The brain travels… a sublime piece where the various tribal house mixes intertwine.

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A fantastic track, its inspiration is born out of Electro House

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Prior to being professionally known as MaxDoctor, Max started his musical life as a local radio DJ in the early 80’s. His radio music programs, broadcast from one of the local stations, were some of the most popular in his native Sicilian city. Way ahead of his time, he was most influential in the late 80’s and early 90’, bringing house music to a wider audience in a mostly conservative Sicily and Italy. His unique style soon caught international interest. Max’s musical experience began to grow as he travelled regularly as a DJ between Malta, England and Switzerland touring the many trendy clubs of the time. He found his followers there, ready to absorb his style of electronic music, which he interweaved with tribal sounds. Sublimely mixing two very different styles, giving it uniformity in an original way.

Max’s early performances remind very much of traditional electronic music. People like Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre have played a big part in forming his early musical development. Geographically however, his passion as a musician was influenced heavily by Arab/African tribal sounds, Sicily being his homeland.

The geographical proximity to the African continent continued to mold and influence Max’s musical style, leading him to discover ever more rhythms of the vast continent. The fascination for tribal music grew further during Max’s extensive travels. Later, Max underlined and fortified these influences with extensive travels and research around the world. South America has been one of Max’s destinations, which added more to his already vast musical knowledge and eclectic collection.  Over the years, MaxDoctor has gained a rounded musical maturity and an understanding rarely seen today. Tirelessly, he researches new sounds, transforming them into new musical experiences; this is what Max does best now.

Elchalome is a prime example. It was inspired by tribal sounds fused with electronic music. Trying to make us revisit magical places, to underline Max’s motto:  Music is life, and life is music.



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